Celt in a Twist

Celt in a Twist

… ist ein kanadischer Podcast, der sich vor allem auf „Contemporary Celtic Music“ konzentriert.

Wer auf keltische Musik steht und es etwas rockiger mag, der ist hier genau richtig. Man kann die einzelnen Sendungen direkt herunterladen oder am einfachsten in iTunes abonnieren.

In der aktuellen Ausgabe vom 15. März 2009 wird natürlich St. Patrick’s Day mit einem irischen Schwerpunkt gefeiert.

Leider gibt es keine Playlist zu den einzelnen Sendungen. Falls doch jemand diese finden sollte, bitte ich um einen Hinweis.

(gefunden von Jochen Lüders)

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London Landscape TV (HD 720p)

lltvoneWer London liebt und keine Angst vor großen Dateien hat, der sollte sich mal die Seite von „London Landscape TV“ ansehen. Es handelt sich dabei um einen Video-Podcast, dessen Folgen man aber auch einzeln herunterladen kann.

„If you love London, you’ll love London Landscape TV. This regular high-definition video podcast allows your TV or computer to become your own window overlooking one of the world’s greatest and historic capital cities. Whether you live in London now, have stayed in London and wish to remember it, or you have never been but would love to come, let London Landscape TV be your visual guide to the UK’s capital city. Each LLTV podcast episode is filmed in high-definition by Nick Lansley to bring each particular scene into sharp focus and allows the life of London unfold before the lens in high resolution detail. The finished movie file is available in the format MPEG4 H.264 Widescreen 720P HD which is compatible with most HD video players.“

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Welcome to the Podcast page!

What is a podcast? A podcast is an audio or video-file someone produced and which is offered for download on the internet. Podcasts are a brilliant possibility to learn foreign languages. To listen to or watch a podcast you need a podcatcher. This is a programme which can receive, manage and play all your podcasts. The easiest to use and very well organized podcatcher ist Apple’s iTunes. If you are into LINUX your podcatcher is Amarok.

For more information on podcasting have a look at this German Wikipedia page as it is better than the English one.

If you come across any interesting podcast, please tell me!

Here are some links to interesting podcast sites:

Following this link you will find the BBC podcast page where you can browse through all the BBC podcasts by radio station or genre.

(More links will follow!)

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Welcome to my English courses!

A lot of pupils ask me „How can I improve my English?“

There are a lot of possibilities to improve your language skills. Here are some ideas:

  • Watch Films in their original English version. Most German DVDs also offer the English version. While watching the film you should activate the English subtitles.
  • Watch one of the various language courses offered on TV. More information about these programmes you find under ‚TV-Tipps‚ in the menu bar.
  • Listen to English podcasts. Not only the BBC offers a great variety of podcasts. iTunes helps a lot in finding interesting podcasts.
  • Read books you are really interested in. Some titles are also sold in simplyfied text versions. Have a look e.g. at the Penguin Readers. These books have a vocabulary range from about 200 to 3000 words and might help you not to become frustrated and encourage you reading more.
  • Listen to English songs and try to translate the texts of your favourite songs.
  • Join an English club in your town or region.
  • Meet people and listen to good music in one of the many Irish Pubs in Germany. I am sure there is one in your town.

If you have any further ideas, tell me and I add them to this page.