’12 Canoes‘

(Landeskunde Australien)

’12 Canoes‘ is a series of short films made by the makers of the award winning feature film ‚Ten Canoes‘. The short films paint a compelling portrait of the people, history, culture and place of the Yolngu people whose homeland is the Arafura Swamp of north-central Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.

’12 Canoes‘


One in 8 Million

Die Onlineausgabe der New York Times hat mit “One in 8 Million” seit fast einem halben Jahr ein neues Angebot unter dem Motto “New York characters in sound and images” gestartet.

New York is a city of characters. On the subway and in its streets, from the intensity of Midtown to the intimacy of neighborhood blocks, is a 305-square-mile parade of people with something to say. One in 8 Million is a new collection of a few of their passions and problems, relationships and routines, vocations and obsessions. A new story will be added weekly.

In Audio-Interviews werden dabei ganz normale Menschen in ihrem Alltag gezeigt. Illustriert werden die Interviews mit wirklich imposanten Schwarz-Weiss-Fotographien von Todd Heisler, der 2006 den Pulitzer Preis für Fotografie erhielt. Ein wirklich sehenswertes Projekt, welches euch einen wunderbaren Einblick ich die Welt der normalen Leute, der Menschen wie du und ich, in New York gibt. Das ganze funktioniert übrigens so, dass die Leser vorschlagen können, welcher New Yorker im nächsten Monat in dieser Reihe vorgestellt werden soll. Schade, dass es soetwas nicht auch auf Deutsch gibt.


The T-Mobile Dance

Das muss man gesehen haben:

„Today we are going to practice conditional sentences type II. Now what would you do if suddenly all people around you started to dance?“

(gefunden bei Jochen Lüders)

Dazu sollte man sich unbedingt auch noch die Reaktionen der Leute ansehen:

„I was in a bad mood when I was coming in. I’m in a good one now!“

And this is how they did it:


Welcome to my English courses!

A lot of pupils ask me „How can I improve my English?“

There are a lot of possibilities to improve your language skills. Here are some ideas:

  • Watch Films in their original English version. Most German DVDs also offer the English version. While watching the film you should activate the English subtitles.
  • Watch one of the various language courses offered on TV. More information about these programmes you find under ‚TV-Tipps‚ in the menu bar.
  • Listen to English podcasts. Not only the BBC offers a great variety of podcasts. iTunes helps a lot in finding interesting podcasts.
  • Read books you are really interested in. Some titles are also sold in simplyfied text versions. Have a look e.g. at the Penguin Readers. These books have a vocabulary range from about 200 to 3000 words and might help you not to become frustrated and encourage you reading more.
  • Listen to English songs and try to translate the texts of your favourite songs.
  • Join an English club in your town or region.
  • Meet people and listen to good music in one of the many Irish Pubs in Germany. I am sure there is one in your town.

If you have any further ideas, tell me and I add them to this page.