Welcome to my English courses!

A lot of pupils ask me „How can I improve my English?“

There are a lot of possibilities to improve your language skills. Here are some ideas:

  • Watch Films in their original English version. Most German DVDs also offer the English version. While watching the film you should activate the English subtitles.
  • Watch one of the various language courses offered on TV. More information about these programmes you find under ‚TV-Tipps‚ in the menu bar.
  • Listen to English podcasts. Not only the BBC offers a great variety of podcasts. iTunes helps a lot in finding interesting podcasts.
  • Read books you are really interested in. Some titles are also sold in simplyfied text versions. Have a look e.g. at the Penguin Readers. These books have a vocabulary range from about 200 to 3000 words and might help you not to become frustrated and encourage you reading more.
  • Listen to English songs and try to translate the texts of your favourite songs.
  • Join an English club in your town or region.
  • Meet people and listen to good music in one of the many Irish Pubs in Germany. I am sure there is one in your town.

If you have any further ideas, tell me and I add them to this page.